Socks and Blanket

I knitted up the second Arne and Carlos sock yarn for myself. Also knitted two pairs of socks for my sisters as birthday gifts. I used 2.25 mm needles for all three pairs. 68 stitches for my socks and 60 for those of my sisters. I had some Briggs and Little sport left over from other projects and knitted up a blanket. I have made some in the past but they were about 60 inches square and didn't cover me from head to toe when napping. I usually start with 8 stitches in the middle to do them but this time I cast on 150 stitches and at stitch 1 and 2 and 74 and 75 I started making the four increases, thus creating a rectangle. When I was finished I sewed up the cast on edges. It is a whopper. I soaked it and spun some water out and put it on a double bed to dry. It hangs over the sides and top and bottom. I didn't even have to pin it out. It is quite light - only about 500 grams or a pound. I used 5.00 mm needles. I did a sideways garter stitch border of 6 stitches to bind off the approximately 1000 stitches.

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Those projects look fantastic, Ron. The patterning on the Arne and Carlos sock is especially interesting...shows what a well designed yarn it is, to come out so even and matched up.
The color choices for the blanket are great. Your approach to a rectangle is interesting...I may have to remember it for future afghans.

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Thanks, Joe. I really like how the Arne and Carlos knits up and also the feel of it. I am enjoying my new blanket. I live at a high altitude in Mexico so it gets cool here at times.

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Gee the blanket looks interesting and your colour choice is superb! Can you guide me to the pattern for the blanket?

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Thank you. The pattern is loosely based on a couple I have seen 1. Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Almanac" the baby shawl and
They both involve increasing two stitches at 4 points every other round. I used sport weight yarn on 5 mm needles. I have made several - all using yarn that is left over from other projects. This one I started instead of 8 stitches in the middle, with 150. If you can imagine a huge loop, I chose the first two stitches as my increase points and the 74 and 75th as my third and fourth increase points. You increase a stitch on either side of those stitches. I always use YO because it is easily visible and every 10 rounds I do a YOK2tog all around the thing as a decorative round. The colours turned out nicely but they were leftovers from sweaters.

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There is no real "pattern" for this blanket. You will see mine (blog titled "New Blanket") is knit in the same way. I used Jenny's Magic cast-on at the centre, for about 20 inches. That "sewed up" the centre so I didn't have to do it later, and gave me live stitches on both sides of the cast on. You can also use a provisional cast-on. I then selected two corner stitches at either end, and increased on both sides of that marked stitch on every alternate round. That is the standard method for increasing to keep anything flat -- 8 increases every alternate round, or 4 increases every round. I have also knit a circular blanket with 12 increases every third round... yes, I was making it complicated for myself. But the formula works.

I also used left-over yarns, using 5 to 7 strands held together. I used very fine yarns, and about 5.0 mm needles. I then also knit a folded hem all around and grafted the hem to the main body to make it have more stretch at the edges, rather than use bound off edge.

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Actually there is a pattern, Trevor. If you can get your hands on a copy of Marianne Kinzel"s "Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting", you will find the concept explained on pp 18 and 19. I knew I had seen if before but forgot just where. If you ever decide to make one, I really recommend a sideways garter stitch border and that technique is explained in any of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books. This is the fourth one that I have made and the first one that I am going to keep. The last one before this I made about 6 years ago out of Shetland Wool
Good luck.

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The socks and blanket are beautiful! They look so cozy for those cooler times that will be upon us in a couple months. I am in the process of designing a bedspread for a queen sized bed, so I appreciate the prep work you did in establishing a workable pattern. I am also finishing up a pair of socks for my son that have been on the needles now far too long. As always, your work is stunning. Well done!

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I would be interested in your bedspread. Will it be in one piece? Joined blocks? Cotton? Wool? It sounds intriguing.

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I haven't decided on what I will use to make it, but I want to make it all one piece. I may even lean toward a good acrylic simply to be able throw it in the washer and dryer. But then again, I could do that with a superwash merino wool as well. I am still in the planning stages. I want to get it planned correctly and carefully before I start, so I don't have to start it more than once. I'll let you know what I decide and may post a works-in-progress type of blog posting once I start it.