I am a real fan of Arne and Carlos from Norway. So when they designed six different sock yarns for Regia, I had to buy them. I knit up the first pair and am very pleased with the pattern and with the yarn itself. 2.25 mm needles.

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That's a nice colorway...very serene.

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Thanks, Joe. I hope the others are as nice.

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Great looking socks Ron, and a good colour combo.

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Thanks, Kerry.

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The socks are very festive, Ron. I can see them propped up on a footstool while opening Christmas presents.
Lovely work!

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Thanks, Mark.

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Hi Ron, The colourway is lovely and to me very old fashioned (which I like). I use Regia sock yarns exclusively and I like the results. It's easy to knit with and the socks seem to be long-wearing. I am curious to know more about using 2.25 mm needles. Over the years my knitting has gotten looser so I'm now down to 2.75 mm needles for my socks. Will you share why you used 2.25 mm? Did you find the resulting fabric better (denser?) or was it to obtain gauge? Jesse

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I learned to knit socks on 2.25 (old Canadian size 13) so many years ago and just have kept using them. I get about 8 stitches to the inch and that is how dense I like the sock to be as it is more comfortable walking on them. My sister-in-law uses 3.0 mm needles and they are very uncomfortable and seem to wear out quickly. My socks last for years and I am wearing socks that I knitted 8 years ago. I only wear hand knitted socks.