Left-over Sweater

I had 9 balls of beige in Jamieson and Smith 4 ply Jumper Shetland Wool and dug out out 9 other balls of different colours. I used lovat, mustard, silver, periwinkle, sand, live lobster, spring green, oatmeal, and grape. I kept them in that order with a row of beige every other row. I knitted it with 3.25 mm needles. It is nice and warm and will be great in the autumn.

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That worked up quite nicely, Ron. As you said, Perfect for the autumn weather.

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Thanks, Joe. It was a pleasure to see some of my stash get used up. I could have thrown them out but I really hate waste.

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That's really, REALLY lovely!

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Thanks. It was a fun knit.

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That's a really fun sweater! It's a great way to use up some leftover yarns.


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Thanks, Mark. How is your new life in Florida?? I hope all is well with you.

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My new life in Florida is going well. I must admit that the knitting has slowed down now that the temps have now settled into the summer 90+ degree pattern...with humidity. But, I am working on a pair of socks for my son, which are turning out well. I just bought the yarn for a sweater for my son that I will give him for his birthday in December of Christmas.

I have met a couple knitters/crochet guys and I am teaching a new friend the basics of knitting. His partner crochets.

My new house is furnished now but still needs some more decorative touches. But since my financial status was cut in half, I am taking my time and have recently started going to estate sales but haven't found much yet.

Thanks for asking!


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There must be an old saying somewhere about money and happiness. I am glad things are turning out ok.

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This cardigan is perfect! Everything worked together to make a stunning garment. And, to think it was excess stash. I particularly congratulate you on your excellent choice of buttons.

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Thanks, Jesse. The wooden buttons are hand made in a little village in Mexico. 50 for a dollar.