I finished up a couple of sweaters using left over yarn from other projects. Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool and 3.25 mm needles. I used a top down pattern that I have developed over the years.

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Nice job Ron.

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Very nice work. That Henley collared one especially grabs my eye.

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It is my favourite, too, Joe. Nice and warm and particularly comfortable.

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So very nice! I love your work. It's unusual to see the Shetland knitting wools used other than in patterned stranded knitting. As your jumpers show, it works up nicely in solid colours, too.

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Nice work! Love neutrals because they mesh with almost anything! That blend of yellow, red, grey and black is a much loved classic! Always right!


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Nice color choices and great looking sweaters. I also like top down sweaters with a special not to raglan sleeves. Well done!


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Very nice Ron.