Steven West Samen

Hi guys. I am starting Steven West "Samen" I am using lace weight . The pattern calls for holding two strands of yarn together.
So far I am doing well. However the pattern is divided into wedges. 1-5 .I've finished the first wedge, however I am confused on the directions. When do I start on the other side of the center?
It begins by saying " Using BC, K3,yo,k to 1 st before the m, w&t" there are two markers with the center stitch between. (it seems like he has this on most of his scarfs) however it doesn't say which side. So I have been doing one wedge. I was thinking then at some point you'd go on the other side to do the other side. But I've reread the pattern over and over and do not see this.
Then to further complicate it. the pics although artistically done. show a consistent color pattern on BOTH sides . Should I have done the entire "wedge" on both sides of the markers?
If anyone out there has done this please let me know what to do? I will try to send pics latter of where I am at. Its a very simple pattern and reading thru directions doesn't sound difficult at all but… I'm lost.


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OK, I knit this last fall and it didn't make since to me either. In the beginning part is a little different, but once you catch on it's a no brainer. You have knit 1/2 of the beginning section (yellow/white on the right side of the picture on page 4 under Short Row Wedge 1:). Short Row Wedge 1 will be the other side of the scarf (green/yellow on the left in same pic). After the SRW, you will knit a 12 ridge garter stripe that will span the entire width of the scarf (blue/tan). Note the instructions for this is 2 lines at the end of SRW 1 and reads...Using CD, work Rows 1&2 of garter stitch 12 times, resulting in 12 garter ridges. Break color C. Then SRW 2, garter band, SRW 3, garter band, SRW 4 etc. What happens is on the left side of the scarf (as shown in the picture) there are alternating bands of SRW's and garter bands. On the right hand side there are ONLY garter stitch bands. Hope this helps some ;).

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Looks like HuskerChub has cleared it up. Wanted to point out that you can email Stephen ( with questions and he will respond. I'm working on one of his newer sweaters and couldn't make sense of a part of the instructions. It appeared like it was an error. He responded to my email within a week.


Ok thanks husker that all makes sense I mean it looks strange but i guess in the end it will pan out thanks a lot. you too J. Chi