"Hollywood" Knits Part Three

Well, third time's the charm on this one. I did two other versions before I was satisfied. Even then, I performed a little "cosmetic surgery" with the help of a few duplicate stitches to get details just right.

Still, I have a few reservations, but I'm not doing Kate one more time!!!

Let me know what you think.


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Katherine in her younger days. Unmistakable

I would love to see a "Gallery" of your work. The ones you have posted are amazing,.

Anywhere to view your completed pieces individually?
Care to share your "trade secrets" on creating charts?


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As I said before, you are an artist. I love your work, and wish I had the talent and experience to attempt something like this. Why not a page where all your pieces can be viewed and admired. If these are from a chart, I'm jealous, I haven't mastered charts yet.


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Terrific Work!