Hello Again!

Thanks again, everyone!

I want to respond to some of you individually, but I've been a little "scattered" (scatterbrained) lately, so have put that off until the brain cells are functioning a bit more rationally.

Case in point: Here's an update on the Cary Grant pattern I've been working on. Yesterday afternoon, I was about half way through it and I noticed something was wrong. The pattern is 70 stitches wide and 95 rows long. Turns out somewhere along the way, I picked up an extra stitch. (No wonder my color change count was off! Duh!)

So began the process of figuring out where I went wrong and what was the best way to correct it. Well, that entailed picking out about 20 rows of work, something I hate to do, but REALLY hate to do when it involves Intarsia or Fair Isle work. It's so tedious and time consuming and I worry about dropping stitches in the process.

Anyway, we're back on track. But just goes to show you that even experienced (or self proclaimed "experienced" -- !) knitters can make mistakes. Reminds me of a time when I was just beginning to take all of this seriously, a man who ran a knit shop back in Chicago told me, "There's no knitting without tearing out". (Or tearing out one's hair!)

Speaking of which (experience) there was a time I used to knit "regular" things. Lots of sweaters, mostly for gifts. I even have an ex-wife who got custody of about 30 hand knits, including a mohair coat, in the divorce! But since I don't have any pictures of her (long story -- ancient history LOL), I don't have any pictures of them. However, I did make a couple of sweaters for myself. (Picture below) Believe it or not, they're about 25 - 30 years old. And they haven't fallen apart, and they still fit! The reindeer sweater is from a pattern I found in a German magazine. The fisherman's sweater is from an old Phildar (do they still make that yarn?) pattern. The interesting thing about it is that it's double-stranded to achieve the proper gauge and every stitch is twisted.

Also, a pair of mittens I made from leftover yarn a year or so ago.


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Your work is wonderful. I LOVE the colorwork, that's something I've never attempted. Maybe one day.