Should men wear lace?

56% (83 votes)
44% (65 votes)
Total votes: 148


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I think there needs to be an "if he feels like it" option. :)

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It all depends on the lace and the application, and the guy.
The blanked statement is a bit sweeping...

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Lace is a broad subject and there is such a thing as a lace garment that men can wear and still look good. I don't think anyone "SHOULD" wear anything they don't want to wear, but men may wear lace, wether they should or not, that's a personal matter.

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Personal preference plays a lot in this. I don't mind wearing some lace items but that's just me.

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Should men really wear anything at all?

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What kind of lace items would the "yes-es" suggest? I'd like to see some examples please!

I keep an open mind, but lace is where I draw the line in the sand....with my knitting needle....full of pink and purple yarn....


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Neck scarves, socks, sweater with lace panels, etc. Whatever my whimsy dictated.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yes. Real men can wear anything.

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Love your Umph!


Men should wear anything they feel comfortable in.

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OK, frank answer, how surprising!
First of all, I second the idea that lace is just a description of a number of stitches in a pattern, does not really mean it's "feminine." And, if it officially falls under society's designation that it is "feminine" because it is pink, frilly, or whatever, then so what?
Lots of people will make the assumption, right or wrong, that a man who knits is gay. But some gay men are very "masculine" in the way that this characteristic is portrayed. Some men who are heterosexual may come off in a way that seems "effeminate." As a woman, I find it offensive that anyone thinks they can judge me as a person because of what I wear or make a decision about my sexual orientation because I do or don't wear lace. And why is that anyone's business anyway? But the world is what it is, and you have to live in it everyday.
If the issue is whether you'll get unwanted attention and reactivity from members of the general public about knitted lace, then keep it to earth tones and dark colors and avoid the "feminine" yarns. Remember, there are some guys, like Prince, who have worn lace (not knitted lace but ruffled lace cuffs etc) and have been "sex objects" to some very hetero women. Guess it all depends on perspective.
Hope no one is offended by my bluntness, but personally, if you want to knit lace for yourself, that's cool and the rest of us can applaud. I will feel like I deserve applause when I finally get good enough to do a lace project!

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Uhhh...when did men STOP wearing lace? I need pictures, scientific citations, footnotes, a Ken Burns documentary, Vogue Knitting letters to editor...throw me a bone, here, fella!

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I voted "no"
But i can only answer for me,
Wear what you like, and feel comfortable in.

I say yes. I've knitting a few lace or open-work scarve and usually get compliments rather than negative attention.