Men with Needles

My thanks to whomever began this - I'm new to SF and have been looking for just such a group. If anyone is interested in starting regular get-togethers, let me know. I'm near Upper Market/Castro.


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Hi David,

We just had our first meeting last night. You should definitely be involved in the next one! Where are you moving to SF from? I'm a Louisiana native myself, and have been here for just over 4 years now.


I also live in SF, Noe Valley and am curious what this meeting is.

Please let me know.  I've wanted to join Chicks with Sticks (since they do allow men to join them) but I have rehearsal on Monday nights so I've not been able to.


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David & Michael... do come to our Tuesday night gatherings... 7pm at Cafe Macondo on 16th St in the Mission... I'll try to keep posting notices on here to remind y'all.

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Well, are you in luck. I just got back from SF and attended 2 Monday night groups. They meet at 6:30 PM every monday at the $3 Bill Cafe at the LGBT Community Center on Market Street. They are a great bunch of guys and a couple of gals thrown in. If you go tell them that Gary from St. Petersburg Florida had a great time knitting with them.

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We all loved meeting Gary!
...and thank you and your friends for hosting us the second Monday!