How is the Spam Filter Affecting you?

Do you get Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted?
12% (8 votes)
You get a captcha all the time?
32% (22 votes)
You have no problems?
57% (39 votes)
Total votes: 69


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I get this at least once a day, I don't know if I will be allowed to post this comment we shall see.

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I don't get any of those messages, but I do get other ones.

I find when I try to post twice in rapid succession that I get a "visual" second captcha

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When ever I make an entry of any kind, I get the addition captcha and when I am linking a photo or a site I get the visual captcha as well. Once when I was trying to link to a youtube movie it just wouldn't let me.

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Every time I try to post, I have to retry the math problem captcha once or twice. I didn't know I was so stupid that I can't add a total less than twenty.

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Since I updated my profile and checked the "real person" box, I haven't even had the "capcha" box showing... maybe that's the trick?

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The same thing happened to me. I checked the "real person" box when John informed us we could add our Rav profile and I haven't had to capcha since. I guess we were punished for being "fake" before.

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I just read Darrel's response and I guess one had nothing to do with the other. Maybe it was a placebo effect...hmmm

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It has been very sporadic. For a time, I only had to answer one CAPTCHA and wouldn't have any more for the rest of the session. Then, I had to answer one for every single comment and/or post. The last few days I haven't had any CAPTCHAs show up at all. I just put it down to however the lares and penates are feeling that day. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm not getting any captcha at all now. I have no idea why. I couldn't find the "real person" box that was mentioned.

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go into "My Account" on "edit"...that should give you a "user Profile" that and you'll see the real person box.

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Thanks, Bill. I did it.

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Whenever I firts post on a comment I don't get the captcha, there is none , is the second time because it tells me that I did not filled it out. I will just post until I get anoyed then there will be another day. lol
We are sorry, but the spam filter on this site decided that your submission could be spam. Please fill in the CAPTCHA below to get your submission accepted. it just happened

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I was getting the Captcha every time, and even when I completed the numeric one, I would get the dreaded pink flag and then I'd have to do another numeric one plus a visual one. It was inconvenient, but not overpowering.

On this one, I didn't get anything initially, but had to do the visual captcha afterward.

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No problems at present, although I sometimes get a CAPTCHA.