We have dug out . . . more snow coming on Monday (OMG)

This has been a tough winter here in Baltimore. I heard on the radio this is the worst winter since . . . EVER! We beat the record snows of 1898 or 9. I have to admit, I have enjoyed knitting by the fire with my dogs on my lap. It is a bit awkward with my lap hosting two small dogs, but I am an awkward knitter anyway. I finished two scarves and a dishcloth. I made a lot of headway on a third scarf. I hope to finish a hat for my dad. I hope other knitters in the area are safe and warm.


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I REALLY feel for you, not that I'm trying to beat that but we have had 7 inches of snow here today in Dallas!!!!!!!! Therefore I cannot imagine what it's like up yonder. Hope y'all keep warm and cozy.


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
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Tsk, tsk -- Just a bit of snow!

Way up in the far north, where I am, it was +3C today, and sunny. There is no snow on the ground. I think you got it all!! The winter olympics start tomorrow in Vancouver... there isn't enough snow left for them. Can someone send it back to us up here? Just for the next 16 days at least? You can have it right back after that -- promise. It will be only slightly used, but still in good condition.

*sigh* What a winter it's been!

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This winter has been ironic. A lot of snow where it really should not be and no snow where it should. It really is something. Because of all this snow, I will be teaching until August! Slight exaggeration, but it does feel like it.