Trouble with motivation . . .

I am having a hard time getting motivated this weekend. I want to work on a scarf for a good friend, but I can't seem to get cracking. I made an error and had to undo a few rows, but I know I can fix the issue. Any suggestions . . . What do you do to get motivated?


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When I'm not feeling motivated I don't try to force myself (it's supposed to be fun, remember?). I just do something else till the itch comes back, and it always does.

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I'd have to agree with Albert. The times I forced myself to knit (or quilt) bad things happened. Having said that, I have found that sometimes just sitting down and knitting can get me going. Then after a few rounds (sock knitting) I'm not in the mood, I'll stop and do something else.


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I generally don't give myself the option of not knitting. Usually when I don't feel motivated I just pick it up and start working and before long the act of knitting has worked it's magic on me and I'm once again motivated. To quote Nike "Just do it."

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I set myself a goal to work on it just until I fix the error and get to the end of a pattern repeat. I'm usually so pleased with making it that far that I keep knitting. I have a lace wedding stole that is stalled because I have to tink several rows. If we get to stay home tomorrow because of the snow and ice, I'm going to pull it out and stay with it till I'm back on track! Good luck getting back into the swing of it!

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That's when I usually start a routine project (slippers, dishcloth*, etc.) that can take my mind off the problem for awhile. I often find that taking a short break from the piece helps me look at it with fresh eyes and I can usually see a way to fix what's wrong with a lot less frustration. *Dishcloths are good because they work up fast and I don't get so involved that I abandon the original project. [Which has been known to happen in the past.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.