Happy New Year....and a question.

Hi everyone -

I hope you have all had a lovely Holiday Season [whichever tradition you celebrate] and have a Blessed New Year. I've received many lovely gifts - many of them fiber related - and hope you have as well.

Now - the question...

What (or Who) inspired you to learn the great art/craft of knitting?

Sweater bottom ribbing and cuff ribbing

Hi guys,
I am at the bottom of the sweater I am making for my son and am trying to decide whether I should use a 2x2 rib or a 1x1 rib. What have you guys experienced. I have always used 2x2 but wondered if a 1x1 would look better. It's a very plain raglan sweater with stockinette stitch. My son likes his clothing to be simple and understated. Any suggestions?


October Socks are done.

The October socks turned out quite nice, despite having to knit them with 4 needles instead of my usual 5. I think it stretches and distorts the stitches but it couldn't be helped as the Size 0/ 2.0 mm double points I used only had the 4 needles. The Classic Elite Alpaca Sox was nice to work with and I think the person destined to receive this pair of socks will love them.

Once again, should this entry not allow me to upload the photos, they can be found on my Ravelry projects page.