Off for awhile now back

Hey guys been gone awhile, decided to get back. Had vacation in NYC this past week!. Had a great time! Did get to a knitting shop on East 77th Street called "Knitting City" great place. People there very friendly. Picked up a few skeins of yarn.(like I needed more)
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Now a blanket LOL

My silk yarn arrived yesterday in the mail. I was a bit skeptical as the pic on ebay wasn't all that clear but the price I paid was great considering how much I would pay for 100% silk at the local yarn store.
Although its a 2 ply, its not a lace weight. Kinda in-between which I am happy about. It would be too thick for a night shirt.

Big project

I have not written here for some time. Just update that I am still knitting away. We got hit with a big snow storm yesterday so latter this am I will plow myself out.

Meeting others

I had the joy of meeting one of the members on this website this Sunday.
He just happened to be in my neck of the woods and asked to meet with me. I was very flattered about it.
He was a very creative man and very kind and warm to talk to. We must have talked about knitting(him sharing one of his patterns with me) and my travels to the Netherlands last year.

Summer projects or Summer therapy.

This summer has been busy for me. First adjusting to the the lifestyle of semi-retirement. Part of this semi-retirement comes with more time, and to fill this time I started a few projects.
My problem is if I go on Raverly, pick up latest "Knitting Traditions" I feel as if I HAVE to try that pattern out. I end up with 5 or 6 started projects but no ends.

Steven West Samen

Hi guys. I am starting Steven West "Samen" I am using lace weight . The pattern calls for holding two strands of yarn together.
So far I am doing well. However the pattern is divided into wedges. 1-5 .I've finished the first wedge, however I am confused on the directions. When do I start on the other side of the center?

Socks , Socks, Socks....

I am afraid I have a new addiction! My sock drawer is now filled with socks. I have no regret either.And I am still knitting some from old stashes. Right now it is -9 with wind chill of -20. I have been wearing a pair of chunky socks I made from old stash they are great! I wear them when working out in the snow shoveling etc. Sometimes for a couple of hours. Most are wool some alpaca those are very warm. I use to have to double up on the store bought ones now I don't have to do that so that is one reason I made so many.