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Unkink previously knitted silk yarn

Anyone have any ideas on how to unkink previously knitted silk yarn. Can't find anything on Google.
Know soaking and hanging a skein of wool will get rid of kinks, but not sure I want to try this until I get information from someone who has done it before.
Have just knitted a silk scarf, but not happy with the edges rolling (not to mention a couple of mistakes I made knitting an I cord edge), so would like to start over, sans mistakes.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Drew

Latest Project

Maybe my last project of the year, before it gets too hot here to knit.
It's a pattern I made up from a Reverse Herringbone Scarf pattern I found on the net.
Got some lovely Alpaca yarn from the Hunter Valley just north of Sydney.
I am making it for my God-daughter before she moves to Melbourne next year.
The only stipulation was that it had to be "Sex Bomb Red", not tacky "Hooker Red"

Slogging it out with Myrna Stahman

This is my practice effort so far with the Matthew Scarf, before I start for real.
Looks nothing like ones others have knitted
Perhaps I need to go up a needle size or try a different yarn.

Also the chart is extremely hard to keep track of, without going blind.

Having trouble with the slpwise at the end and beginning of alternative rows