Hiking Socks

Just finished a new pair of sock using the white wool/acrylic yarn that we were gifted with at the retreat. They are really nice and thick as they are heavy worsted but using US5 needles made the foot and heel tighter and I think that will make them a bit stronger.

Birthday Surprise

Well, I turned 60 today. Thankfully, I don't feel a day over 59! ;)
My wife and son always find fun things with which to festoon me. Two sizes of sock blockers, three skeins of yarn, a nice knitting book, and my favorite chocolates from the folks at Godiva. They are always so generous.

Colorado Flooding

Hello All...
In light of the flooding in Colorado, I emailed the owners of the Sunshine Retreat but haven't heard anything back from them. I know cell phone and Internet are down in a lot of the area around Lyons, which we drove through while driving up from Denver to the lodge. I hope that all of you from that area are okay.


Retreat Socks

I finally finished the socks I began at the Colorado retreat. I was interrupted with a few other projects, a trip to FL, and the first two weeks of the start of another school year. I think they turned out well and they feel very comfortable. The Yarn is Lang Jawoll. It's a superwash, so they will make their maiden voyage through the wash tomorrow. They should soften up nicely. I can't remember much else about the yarn because I misplaced the wrapper. My wife bought the yarn for me in Kansas City and I know it comes from Switzerland.

Free Online Crafty Class

Has anyone from the retreat tried to take advantage of the free pass for an online course at Craftsy? I went to the URL and then chose the Steven West shawl class and it takes me to the checkout where a credit card is required. I logged in correctly. Any suggestions?



The Knitting Man(ual)

I have this book and love it. As I become more skilled, I will make more things. The slippers I use as a profile picture are from the book, and the afghan I made as well. I found it on sale at Amazon for about $15 and it's worth every cent of that. NOW, you can get it for under $5 on Ebay an they say it's free shipping. Check it out if you are interested, but beware that it is eBay. I know that some members here were interested in getting the book.

For Dr. Who Fans

Now that the new Dr. Who has been announced...Peter Capaldi...I wanted to share another cute little Dr. Who Moment. In one of the episodes in the 6th season, I noticed that in a bar setting, he was reading a knitting magazine. Of course, it would by my first instinct to put a knitting magazine in a bar...not! Nevertheless, I thought it would give other Whovians on this site a bit of chuckle as well.



Ankle Socks with i-cord bind off

I saw that Johnathan had on footies for sock, which I liked a lot. Here's my question and perhaps Johnathan can chime in here too. If I make them a bit longer than the ankle, it will look okay but I like the kind that stops just as it overflows the shoes. I was thinking about making an i-cord bind off so that they won't work their way down into my shoe while I am on a hike.