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Retreating from a Blustery Day

I enjoyed our recent break from the typical Wyoming winter. It snowed, and I got the kids out to play in it multiple times in the two whole days of it, but alas all good things must come to an end. And by an end, I mean that the wind has returned and is carrying our snow off to Nebraska or other places further afield. If it were a calmer day, it would be downright balmy at 34 degrees this morning while we were on our first walk of the day. Except, it's not calm. In fact, the windchill was somewhere below 10 and made me wish that I too, like the dogs, had a fur coat of my own.

Drama Drama Drama *Not particularly knitting related*

This weekend was the spay and neuter clinic that I always try to volunteer form and for the second time I drug Bob along for at least the first day. It's only fair that way, right? I didn't make him assist with unpacking/set up and the second day and packing up, so I thought I was being nice.

Cold Winds Require Warm Hobbies

And the Wyoming Winds have returned with more gusto than ever. Last week they swept into the Casper area with a small yet beautiful break Thursday morning. Then they blew back in and brought a bit of rain and snow with them Saturday night. One must love horizontal precipitation no matter it's make-up when living in Wyoming. This morning as I took a hacking Great Dane to the vet I watched with dread as the wind whipped our snow into blowing clouds that struck with the bite of a hundred little frozen needles on the short dash from the parking lot to the waiting room.