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Sally Melville, New Friends, Renewed Spirit

As a belated 40th birthday gift, I had the pleasure of taking 3 knitting classes this weekend with the wonderful Sally Melville. She was kind, generous, and a wonderful encyclopedia of knitting knowledge. I am now ready to tackle knitting with more than one color (at the same time, on the same row) which most of us know as Fair Isle, though this is not true Fair Isle, so I learned this weekend. I also now know what to do with the leftover balls, hanks, and skeins from those long finished projects.

My Son the Fiber Scientist

My son had to be scientist of the week today at his Kindergarten class. We decided to dye yarn in the crock pot to show that wool will take the color and acrylic will not. His class was fascinated and loved every minute of it. The purple hat is my first crock pot dyed yarn. It turned out quite well I think. I can't wait to work up the orange we dyed today.

Only a few spots left....South East Men's Knitting Retreat

Just a short note about our first retreat. I have been planning in between working (school just started back and we are having our second 3 day weekend). We only have about 3-4 spaces left, and need to go ahead and get them filled so that I can give final numbers to the retreat center (book another cabin) and to our donors. PM me here or on Ravelry (same ID) for more info or to reserve your space! Hope to see you there!