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Survey on Ravelry

I just found a survey about "Gender and Knitting" over at the "Needlework News and Events" forum on Ravelry. It's only aimed at American Ravelry users and the person conducting the research would really like input from men. I found it pretty easy to take and got it finished in less time than estimated by the surveyers. If you have a Ravelry account, I urge you to go over and complete it. [Totally anonymous, not that I cared whether my name was used or not.] It gives us a chance to - hopefully - give a better idea of how many guys are actually knitting in America.


Hey - I am considering getting a simple [and I do mean simple] digital camera that I can use for photos and then posting them here and on Ravelry. I need a fairly inexpensive one as my budget is limited and I don't want to spend too much money that can go towards yarn. I figured my best move would be to get feedback from people more in the know - Any suggestion? Thanks. [Also, do I need Flickr or anything like that to post? I seem to remember something on Ravelry that talked about it. I'd rather limit my on-line presence to the bare minimum.]

And now, for something totally different -

I am planning to knit a pair of socks [Quinton would now be saying, "Of course."] but the change is that I'm using a commercial pattern vs. designing my own. [Okay, pick up your jaws - and knitting needles - off the floor.] It's the traveling stitch design from Mountain Colors for the "Jonesy's Toe-up Socks." I'll be knitting from the top-down, adapting the twisted stitch for my lefthandedness, and think it will be nice in the jawoll yarns colorway of muted blues, greens and browns.

Bow tie

Finally started the bow tie I mentioned an interest in last January on another posting. The KnitPicks pattern is not as well written as it could be since it is very yarn specific for their product. Plus, I feel the gauge notations [which were already updated once] are all gauge swatch didn't come out to their specifics but, if it had, the finished tie would be appropriate for a clown's costume.